International Workshop

18.12.2013 10:47

10-14 February 2014 - PERM, Russia

"Failure of Heterogeneous Materials under Intensive Loading: Experiment and Multi-scale Modeling"

Co-organisés par l'I2M - Département DuMAS et l'ICMM de Perm.

The conference goal is the discussion of novel approaches in multiscale modeling of advanced materials with meso-, micro- and nanostructure (metals, alloys, ceramics and composites) in wide range of load intensities. Specificities of material responses and damage-failure transitions under dynamic, shock wave loading, high cycle and very high cycle fatigue is characterized by the influence of structure and defect induced mechanisms of relaxation with large scale temporal-spatial dynamics. This assumes the development of molecular dynamic approaches, statistical, mesoscopic and thermodynamic models, methods of structural and experimental verification using “in-situ” registration of temporal-spatial dynamics of structural, kinematic and stress variables. The problems of structural scaling analysis of recovered samples by digital image correlation, atomic force microscopy, high resolution profilometry methods will be discussed in the context of verification of multiscale modeling approaches.
This meeting will integrate a special session for young researchers.

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